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With over 30 years of experience we are the experts in non-surgical skin procedures treating dermatological skin conditions and the effects of ageing.

The Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney is one of Australia’s leading practices for the treatment of dermatological skin conditions and the effects of ageing. 

We aim to provide the highest patient satisfaction through the use of the latest techniques and the most advanced technologies in a professional and relaxed clinical environment.

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I am grateful to have Jenner as my therapist. Jenner is very kind, personable, and knowledgeable. She is passionate about her work, she has a great professional attitude, and she knows what is best. I really appreciate what Jenner did for me. I have been struggling with my acne scar problems for 15 years. I have tried Microneedle Therapy System (MTS), and a variety of peelings, and there has been only slight improvement. Finally, I decided to give laser treatment a try. I came to see Jenner, and she recommended me to do Co2 Fractional Skin resurfacing. The pain was bearable for me, and it requires some downtime, and the result was impressive, my skin feels fresh and new. My scars have faded, this treatment delivers a more dramatic improvement of acne scarring than all other treatments I have had before. I also did Q-switch, and Coolview and Genesis treatment, I notice there was fewer breakouts and blackheads, my skin becomes smoother, and it effectively shrink my pores, which makes my skin looks clear. I am thrilled with the result. Thank you Jenner and her whole team, they are very friendly and helpful. The clinic location is very convenient, it only takes 5 minute walk to Central Railway Station. Highly recommend to everyone.read more
amax pak
20:57 15 Nov 18
Responsibility, honesty and great service. A really good experience, the specialists explanations and skills are top notch. Highly recommend to anyone who would need help with their skin. Receptionists are great and very polite. I will definitely come back again.read more
Suki Siu
00:31 05 Nov 18
I can’t thank Jenner more for what she did for my and for my mum’s skin. I found Jenner for a mole treatment through google search due to those good review and found out she has been even more helpful than what I can expected. Me and my mum had laser resurfacing and Q switched laser. The result is amazing. She is really care of your skin and your feeling. And give all to help you to see the true improvement on your skin condition! This is something I never received in any cosmetic clinic before! Thank you Jenner and your team! Truely appreciated!read more
Jie Dong
04:59 10 Sep 18
By far the best laser clinics I've been to! Jenner is absolutely amazing, I received laser treatment from her and she followed up with my skin condition and treated my skin like her own. Highly recommend this clinic and Jenner, thank you for such a great experience!read more
jacsxx Tsoi
09:17 19 Jul 18
Im glad to leave this review finally after a long wait! Ive finished my last LED light therapy about 2 weeks ago after the fractional laser. Ive been suffering (emotionally) from acne scar which made me feel hopeless since the scar doesn’t get disappeared with any cream or medication. It was hard for me to decide to try this laser therapy due to its high costs (As a student, its not easy at all to pay more than $2000 for the whole therapy). Jenna takes a plenty of time to explain about the therapy and for any questions I had. She doesn’t rush through. Overall, I’m happy with the results although I wouldn’t say Ive got all the scar removed for 100%. Its been about 3 weeks since the laser and I still have redness in my cheeks but overall the acne scar is a lot milder. It really helped with boosting my confidence. I wanna get it done again next time if I have enough savings. All the staff are very nice and kind too! Thanks a lot!!read more
Jina Lee
05:52 28 Jun 18
I had a single large skin tag at the back my leg. Jenna Chan at CMC Clinic has done the removal and all done by laser procedure in less than one hour, very quick and hassle-free. She’s very gentle and making sure the whole process run as smooth as possible. I didn’t feel any pain and there are no bleeding at all. Thank you CMC.read more
C Cia
02:58 02 May 18
After alot of research and scepticism regarding ultherapy treatment. I finally placed my trust and face into the hands of practitioner Jenner Chan at CMC. Not knowing whether or not I was going to be a good candidate for the ultherapy treatment, I decided to go ahead with the treatment because I felt at ease and confident with Jenner Chan’s, experience, honest and detailed professional expertise and advice.The results of the ultherapy treatment have excelled my expectations and I am confident to say that I am a fresher, tighter and younger looking me instantly.I would like to thank Jenner Chan and the team at CMC clinic at Hay market Sydney for such great results and look forward to continuing a relationship with CMC regarding the future of maintaining a healthy skincare plan to make my skin and face, a New Confident Me..Kindly Samantharead more
samantha cox
23:03 30 Apr 18
I have been to this clinic a number of times for skin rejuvenation and have got great results. Jenna is a highly skilled therapist, she is passionate about getting the best outcome for her clients, she puts me at ease with her personable and down to earth manner. I have also found other staff in the clinic to be very friendly and helpful, the clinic itself is modern, clean and spacious. It will be my go to place for future treatments.read more
Qi Harris
07:53 07 Apr 18
I can't recommend Jenner and the CMC highly enough! I’ve had a number of treatments over several years (Q switch laser and C02 spot treatment) and have always had fantastic results. Jenner is incredibly passionate about skin care. She really cares about her patients and is dedicated to achieving the best results. I had a horrible skin condition that doctors and dermatologists couldn’t help me with, but Jenner sorted it out in only a few weeks and helped me get my life back on track. Can’t thank her enough! There’s also complete consistency of care at CMC over the years, unlike random beauty parlours where staff are always coming and going. Jenner remembers her patients, learns about their skin and always knows what to recommend. There’s also no selling of beauty products, which often make your skin worse. If you have the best treatments with the highest quality lasers you don’t need them. So great to find a place that is practical and down to earth!read more
Elise Bohan
23:00 15 Mar 18
I visited Cosmetic Medical Clinic to get the scar on my face removed. Being dark skinned, getting laser on my face was a big concern as I was aware of the possibility of pigmentation. The specialists in the clinic, especially, Jenner who treated me was absolutely amazing, she fixed the scar on my face and even though I have some LED light therapy pending, I can already see the results, which is amazing. I highly recommend this clinic and would never go anywhere else. Guys, don't be afraid to pay them a visit, you wont regret it!!read more
Kiran KS
05:12 10 Jan 18
Ive got treatment for few times with great service! They took photo at the first time for changing, and I can compare how this spot is getting better. That was really good! And I can see the treatment works well:)Thank youread more
Hyejung Oh
02:13 09 Dec 17
Today I had the Q Switch treatment, last time I had this treatment was 2 years ago. I was surprised by the photos Jenner showed me of my skin 2 years ago compared to today. I couldn't believe my skin texture was cleaner and fresher and better looking.The results from the last treatment is still evident today. This treatment is extremely effective and doesn't need to be done a lot. Great experience and service. Also had LED Light afterwards, and am happy there's no down time!read more
Wendy Miranda
02:47 27 Sep 17
Absolutely love this clinic!!! Very professional, welcoming and helpful team. Jenna has a very good knowledge of the industry. I can say that I'm happy with the results after 2 Q-switch laser treatments. My face is brighter, smoother and my pigmentation scars started to fade. Can't wait to see you on my next visit ☺️Merci CMC!!read more
Sonia Rouine
04:04 03 Sep 17
I have had 2 treatments so far at CMC and have bought an additional package of 5 - Q-Switch laser. I had a great consultation with Jenner before recommending what I needed - she took some photographs of my skin and then walked me through her recommendations. It was important to her that I knew what I was going to be signing up for. I have searched many years and tried many things to improve my skin. Various treatments and countless skin care brands with little to no results. Some of it made my skin worse. I have always preferred to use natural products but I haven't had much luck finding any that improved my skin (my skin is not bad - I've had acne and a lot of sun but nothing too bad - but it is something I have attention on fixing. I usually wear makeup every day - foundation, powder, blush, concealer, to make it look nicer. With Jenner's help she is working with me to stop using all the makeup and chemicals and help me to feel comfortable in my own skin - no make up! She is honest and realistic with what she tells you and that gives me confidence. Her treatments are relatively pain free and she ensures you are comfortable. After 2 sessions my skin is looking much better and I am very to see how it progresses after more sessions - she takes photographs each time to show me the progress. The machines she uses are the best of the best and the clinic is very clean and modern which is great - not like some of the dingy beauticians and laser clinics I have visited in the past. This is worth the money - especially since I wont have to buy all the beauty products and make up like I have in the past. I do not usually write reviews on here but I have been so happy with it so far, I though I should share so others can get help too!read more
Lauren Jarvis
05:58 19 Aug 17



Find out why we are the specialists in non-surgical face lift procedures

At the Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we are pleased to have been the first clinic since 2009 to be registered to offer the Ultherapy non-invasive and non-surgical face-lift procedure in Sydney and Australia wide.

Co2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The EXEL02 Co2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing procedure is used for visible skin correction. This procedure is German engineered, making it a safer, dependable and more efficient laser. It is able to tighten skin, improve scars and stretch marks, repair sun damaged skin, reduce age spots, blemishes and large pores, blend uneven skin tone and treat melasma and syringoma.

Co2 Full Ablative Lesion Removal

The EXEL02 Co2 Full Ablation Mode can be used to remove superficial benign skin changes across the surface. This German engineered technology makes it safer, dependable and very efficient. The procedure can be used to treat solar and seborrheic keratosis, warts, moles, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia,scar treatment, syringomas and diffuse actinic keratoses.

Tattoo Removal

Remove unwanted tattoos with the powerful Fotona Q-Switched Laser

The Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers the combined laser tattoo removal procedures that uses the Q-Switch and EXEL02 Co2 laser.The Combined procedures of the Q-Switch and Co2 are the safest and most dynamic systems in the world.

Pigmentation Removal

Almost everyone has a pigmented lesion of some type. These areas of the skin contain especially high concentrations of melanin and are typically caused by an excess of pigment commonly caused by sun exposure, ageing, hormones or you may be born with the condition.

The Fotona QX Max is the safest and most powerful Q-Switched laser system in the world and uses multiple wavelengths to treat a wide range of Epidermal, Dermal and mixed Dermal- Epidermal Pigmented Lesions

Acne Treatment

CoolView, Genesis, Fotona QX Max, Q-Switch 1064, EXELO2 CO2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing, CO2 Full Ablative and LED Healing Light Therapy treatments are used to treat pimples and inflammatory acne. Our combination system is a new benchmark in non-ablative laser skin procedures and is a fantastic way to maintain tighter and clearer skin.

Vascular Removal

The versatile IDAS system quickly and safely removes vascular skin changes in the face and on the body. This procedure also removes red vessels and spider veins, rosacea and hemangioma.