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Enlarged pores treatment depends on many factors including skin type, age, skin condition and dryness of the skin. Various treatments may be required to address the causes of enlarged pores properly. If you are looking to minimise pores CMC provides several procedures for enlarged pores reduction.


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The CoolView Laser works by removing excess oil and dead skin cells from clogged pores.

The Co2 FSR procedure is used for visible skin correction and rejuvenation. It combines micro-fine ablation zones to renew the skin and create collagen, resulting in a reduction in the appearance of open pores. This procedure delivers an optimal balance of excellent clinical and aesthetic results, faster healing, and minimal side-effects.

Ultherapy is an effective treatment for reducing the size of large pores. This is achieved by stimulating the growth of collagen, which in turn strengthens collagen fibers. As a result, it will improve skin health, and the pores are minimized.



At Cosmetic Medical Clinic, there are several treatments available to minimize the appearance of pores. Laser treatment is a highly effective option for individuals with enlarged pores. The treatments use a laser to stimulate collagen production in the skin, resulting in tightened and reduced pore size.

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The primary purpose of our pores is not only to provide an opening for hair but to also act as a point of exit for perspiration and other toxins that have been produced in the body. Large pores are generally a result of clogs from debris and oils that should escape through the pores under normal circumstances. The condition mainly affects people with oilier or ageing skin.

The size of pores is largely determined by an individual’s genetics, excess oil in the skin, or aging. The primary cause is stretching of the skin and pores due to oil and debris on the skin’s surface, leading to enlarged pores.

As the skin ages, various defence systems, such as collagen and elastin weaken, making pores even more visible.

Keeping the skin clean is crucial in minimizing the appearance of large pores. Although genetics plays a significant role in determining pore size, there are still measures you can take to improve their appearance. Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers laser treatments for individuals with enlarged pores, and our specialists will determine the best treatment for your skin type.

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