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Lesion Removal

Skin lesions are abnormal growth, bumps, or textures that differ to the skin surrounding it, such as keratosis, moles, sebaceous cysts, skin tags, syringoma, and warts. The Co2 Full Ablative procedure is a German-engineered technology that makes it safer, dependable and very efficient for lesion removal.

Treatment for Moles

Moles on Face: Condition that Requires Mole Removal TreatmentFor mole removal, we precisely target and ablate the mole without damaging the surrounding tissue with a high heat CO2 laser. It is possible for moles to regrow after removal, but our practice offers follow-up treatments to ensure that we have entirely removed the mole lesion. Depending on the size and the extent of the removal, it typically takes 7-10 days to heal.

Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts

During the cyst removal, the high heat CO2 laser will melt down the inner content of the cyst. Complete removal of the entire cyst wall is the best way to ensure the cyst does not return; hence laser treatments often work best especially for sensitive areas of the skin, such as the face. Generally, once removed, the skin can heal by itself.

Treatment for Syringoma

Sweat glands & Syringoma Cosmetic Medical Clinic - CMC - Sydney

The Co2 Full Ablative procedure delivers a laser through a range of narrow wavelengths, that allow going deep to the root for the removal of syringoma. It is a deep and clean treatment, that can target the clustered lesions. Laser treatments are effective for the removal of syringoma, allowing minimal scarring on the skin when compared to other methods of removal.

Treatment for Keratosis

Keratosis Vanishing & Reoccuring: Condition that Requires Seborrheic Keratosis TreatmentDepending on the size and the location, keratosis can be easily removed and healed around 7-10 days, and generally do not come back in the area where being removed.

Treatment for Skin Tags

Skin tag removal uses the CO2 Full Ablative laser to precisely and completely remove the skin tag, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. It is a speedy and simple procedure. Depend on how the skin tag grows, generally, healing takes around 5 days.

Treatment for Warts

Contagious Warts Cosmetic Medical Clinic - CMC - Sydney

We combine the use of Co2 and 1064 laser for wart removal. The top layer of hard skin removed by the Co2 laser will form scabs and eventually peel off, whereas the 1064 laser causes the wart to coagulate without creating an open wound. The majority of the laser light bypasses the upper layers (epidermis) of the skin and concentrates on the tiny blood vessels that feed the wart near the “dermis” of the skin, causing the wart to dry up over time.

The dual laser system is very effective, and most warts are permanently removed after one treatment. Approximately 10% of warts will need a second treatment.

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Your Journey to a Healthier Skin

Initial Consultation

Book online or contact us at (02) 9211 6916 to secure an appointment. During the consultation, you will receive a skin examination by one of our skin specialists, discuss the appropriate treatment options, and also be given a treatment quotation.


After the consultation, your treatment plan will be determined, along with the schedule and number of sessions necessary to achieve your desired results.

Post-Treatment Care

Depending on the treatment, some aftercare steps are imperative to follow to assist with the body’s healing process. Our specialists will explain these fully and guide you through your treatment journey.

Next Appointment

The number of required appointments will vary based on your individual needs. Some are only one-off treatments, while others will need several sessions. The next appointment, if any, will be advised by our skin specialists.

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