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    Despite being uncommon, syringoma can develop as a result of genetics.

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    Health problems

    The condition could be linked to several other health concerns, the most worrying of which would be diabetes.

  • Syringoma Cosmetic Medical Clinic - CMC - Sydney

    Mistaken identity

    They can be mistaken for milia, acne vulgaris, flat warts as well as basal cell skin cancer.

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    Sweat glands

    Syringomas develop when sweat glands overgrow or over react, forming the benign tumors.

Causes of Syringomas

Found on the upper cheeks, syringomas are small benign tumours. There are cases where they appear on more sensitive areas such as the chest, abdomen and genitalia although this is much more rare.

The reason for the development of syringoma is when the cells in the sweat glands are overactive, producing bumps over the body. Despite being a condition that can develop at any age, they are more likely to form during young adulthood. There are various external causes that can trigger the development of syringomas. These include:



Down syndrome

Marfan's syndrome

Ehlers-Hanlos syndrome

Symptoms of Syringoma

Syringomas usually appear as small bumps that grow between 1 and 3 millimetres. They are either white, yellow or flesh-coloured. They typically occur in symmetrical clusters on both sides of your face or body.

Eruptive syringomas are usually found on your chest or abdomen and appear as multiple lesions.

For the affected areas, we use a CO2 full ablative laser for the removal process. The Co2 Full Ablative procedure delivers a laser through a range of narrow wavelengths that are able to target the area to increase the temperature that in turn results in full tissue ablation. After this, the body’s natural healing process replaces the damaged tissue with healthy tissue. This syringoma treatment procedure has been considered as the cosmetic industry’s golden standard.

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