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    Ages affected

    Acne is not restricted to an age group but usually develops during puberty.

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    Pimple Formation

    Acne is caused by the blockage of pores and hair follicles by the faces glands overproducing oil or by dead skin cells.

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    Acne triggers

    Acne can flare up from external factors such as hereditary genes, hormones, stress, diet and exercise.

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    Acne types

    Acne has many forms. The most common of these are blackheads and whiteheads that are caused by blockage of the pores.

Overview of Acne

Acne can affect people of all races and ages but most commonly occurs during puberty when the sebaceous glands come to life due to stimulation from the hormones produced by the adrenal glands. Acne, medically known as Acne Vulgaris, is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, which is made up of a hair follicle and sebaceous gland (oil gland).

Acne occurs when the skin’s oil glands produce too much sebum, an oily substance that moisturises the skin. The excess accumulation of sebum along with dead skin cells creates a plug that blocks the pore. This blockage becomes infected with bacteria, resulting in swelling and the formation of a pimple or acne, as well as leave stubborn acne scars behind. 

The Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers a wide range of services for acne treatment in Sydney. Either laser treatment or acne medication are both available at Cosmetic Medical Clinic. Some of the procedures we provide for acne treatment include the CoolView Laser which works by removing excess oil and dead skin cells from clogged pores. The Genesis Laser minimises acne breakouts, scarring, and acne-caused pigmentation. This procedure also helps improve skin texture resulting in minimised pores, reduced redness and a youthful glow. Additionally, we utilise the Q-Switch 1064 and the FOTONA QX Max system for the removal of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

For more information on these and other acne treatments available, please speak to our laser specialists and medical doctor at Cosmetic Medical Clinic.

Acne Scarring


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    Acne occurance

    Acne scars are usually the result of an active acne inflammation in the dermis layer of the skin.

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    If left untreated, acne scars can form as pigmentation or dark spots which are more difficult to treat in the long term.

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    Boxcar scars

    These scars appear as small craters in the skin, usually on the cheeks or temples. These are often more difficult to treat.

  • Acne Treatment for Personal Wellbeing Cosmetic Medical Clinic - CMC - Sydney

    Personal wellbeing

    Clearing acne leaves more than just a physical change. Having acne treated can really boost self-esteem and confidence.

Overview of Acne Scars

Acne scars are textural changes that may occur as a result of severe acne. If acne is left untreated, it may lead to scarring. When acne occurs, large pus-filled spaces known as the cysts form, destroy the surrounding skin tissue and hinder the healing process. Once the cyst empties the area, allowing it to heal, it leaves behind a scar on the face.

The procedure for correcting acne scarring is dependant on an individual’s skin type and the type of scar. For the removal of acne scarring, we, here at Cosmetic Medical Clinic recommend the EXEL02 Co2 Laser Fractional Skin Resurfacing procedure.

We also utilise the EXEL02 Co2 Full Ablation mode to remove superficial benign skin changes including cysts of acne. This German-engineered technology makes it safer, dependable and efficient. To boost natural cellular recovery and help in the skin’s effective healing process, we also recommend the LED Healing Light Therapy.

To discuss these acne scar removal procedures, please speak to our laser specialists and medical doctor at Cosmetic Medical Clinic.

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